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    Volume Control not working on SuperMicro X9SRA



      since update to Solaris 11.1 volume control in GNOME panel is working very sporadically. Let say from 10 reboots it's working 1-2 times. This not working means that when I play some music the volume of sound is constant even if I use volume control to get the volume down even to mute state. The music is still playing. The only way how to control music volume is right-click on volume control -> Sound Preferences -> Playback tab - and there is Volume Control there (besides Center/LFE/Rear/Front) and this one is working. This is for audiohd#0 device. If I list devices I also see audiohd#1 there which provides only volume control and which is not working which makes me think that perhaps panel's Volume Control is associated somehow with audiohd#1 instead of audiohd#0 device?

      Is there any way how to fix that behavior?