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    Alignment Button




      I want to add a button that when clicked on should align a text field right to left


      I tried to write a pl/sql as:




      but it gives error replaced reading_order with direction doesn't work


      How can i do it?



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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          In the future, please read the following before posting.  It would be very helpful to have all the details about your environment and what you are seeing.




          I am going to guess and think that what you are actually trying to accomplish is this:




          Refer to the Builder Online Help for more details.

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            Thanks Michael,


            I tried to change direction property as you mentioned it didn't work i tried to change justification property to right it also didn't work.

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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

              Have you had a chance to read this yet?




              As that blog will explain, it is very important that you not assume we know your application, environment, the error or failure, or anything else about what you are thinking.  We rely on the text you share in the posting to offer our feedback.  I have tested what you described using Forms with Java 7U51 and the example I shared works as expected.  Text in a field is initially left justified.  When I execute that code the text moves to the right.  So what does this mean for you?  Well:

              1.  If you are using an old Forms version, I recommend patching and/or upgrading.

              2.  If you are using an old JRE version, I recommend patching or upgrading.  However, ensure the version to which you upgrade is a version that is certified with the Forms version you are using.

              3.  Verify that you have properly coded your trigger.  Look carefully for typos or other flaws that may not be identified at compilation time.

              4.  And finally, if you would like more assistance from the Forum, please read the above blog and follow its guidance before making your next post.


              We need to know the following before we can add any additional value:


              1.  Exactly which Forms version are you using?  Provide the version and not the product name.  For example, "10g", "6i". etc are part of product names and do not represent a helpful version number


              2.  On what platform (operating system) is Forms installed?


              3.  On what platform are you displaying your application?  Is this machine the same machine where Forms is installed?


              4.  Exactly what do you mean "it doesn't work"?  What happens?  Is there an error?  Does the text move, but not as you would expected?  And so on...


              5.  Is the client machine currently configured to use a character set that displays right to left or left to right?  For example (this is just an example, there are many others): HEBREW_ISRAEL.IW8MSWIN1255


              6.  Any other details would be helpful

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                I agree with everything Michael said about helpful information you should include in every post. 


                As to your issue, if all you are wanting to do is align the text in an item to left or right you can use the SET_ITEM_PROPERTY('BLOCK.ITEM_NAME',ALIGNMENT,ALIGNMENT_LEFT) or SET_ITEM_PROPERTY('BLOCK.ITEM_NAME',ALIGNMENT, ALIGNMENT_RIGHT);  This affects the Justification property of the item.  When in doubt, select the property you want to modify programatically and the press the F1 key.  This will give you the detail of the selected property and will tell you if you can set the property programatically (at the bottom of the help topic).


                Hope this helps.