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    Columns names are modified in SQL but not effected in SOA generated XML files.

    Manas Mazumder


      Good afternoon all, I’ve developed a SOA project (FASOA) for Fixed Asset for generating XML files as per client objectives, here mainly I want to highlight two things in BPEL process that are ‘Data Base Adapter ‘and ‘FTP Adapter’. By DB Adapter I call SQL procedure from Oracle EBS database and by FTP Adapter put the xml file to the specific lactation means FTP folder.

      The problem is that when we are adding new field names (Column names) or given some alias names for particular columns as per client’s requirement in SQL query under this procedure and after that re-execute updated procedure on EBS database.


      Redeploy the same FASOA under the WebLogic Server and generate the xml files for Fixed Asset but when we go through the xml file in details and found that no changes are happened. The xml files are same as before.

      My Effort:-

      1. I restart the WebLogic Server and redeploy the SOA project again but no effect.
      2. But when write same procedure with different name and call it by a new DBAdapter then and put the xml file with help of new FTPAdapter then see that changes are happened.

             Please help me regarding this issue……. I really want to skip lengthy process (2 options) for minor changes in SQL.


      Thanx in advanced.


      With regards,
      Manas Mazumder
      Kolkata (India)