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    Using Set directly as value of Pof cache

    John Gregg



      I'm a long-time Coherence user but just started using Pof.  I'm on 3.6.  I'm getting this exception:


      Unhandled Exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.tangosol.util.ImmutableArrayList$ListView cannot be cast to java.util.Set


      The set is the value in my cache.  It is not an attribute of the value.  I've seen other posts about how to handle that in my own serialization code, but not when I'm getting it directly like I am now.  The implementation type is just an ordinary HashSet and the contents are uniform, if that matters.


      As a workaround I think I can do new HashSet().addAll(cache.get(whatever)) but it seems this should not be necessary.