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    Hyperion SDK installation




      I am new to Hyperion System. For my requirement I wanted to install SDK on my system. I went through the document (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12032_01/doc/epm.921/hs_developer.pdf) where it is clearly stated that for installing SDK we have to do the following steps : But Iam not able to find the servicesCD in the Hyperion System. Version is 9.2. Please do help me in identifying the correct location to install SDK.


      1 Run the setup file for your system(Hyperion system) from the servicesCD,
      for example:




      2 When asked, provide the licensing information.

      3 For installation type, select Custom Install.

      ● On the components screen:

      Select Clear all check marks for all components.

      Scroll down and select the Interactive
            Reporting SDK

      4 Follow the on-screen
      instructions to complete the installation.