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    Send mail to outher domain

      Hi all,

      Im newer on OCS, i have alredy setup OCS 10g R2, and im exchanging mail from users having email at my domain mail.

      I hope to know how to send mail to outher users from other domaines like yahoo ou homail.

      Any one tried it befor???

      thx all
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          Well this is the meaning of the Collaboration Suite. You can of course send mails to other domains, but you might need to configure the smtp outbound process to know where to deliver the emails (normally your companies mail relay in the DMZ or at your ISP).

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            I setup my oracle mail server as mail.mit.edu.mk
            my smtp server is mail.mit.edu.mk.
            My host is mail.mit.edu.mk and this is DNS server at the same time.
            My host is behind firewall, but all necessary ports are opened.
            I can send and recieve mails with all participants in my domain, but I can't send mails to recipients of outside domains. I coul'd send messages to outside recipients of outside domains, but with mail2web service.

            What is the problem?
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              Hi, i have the situation like this: my network domain differs from the mail domain, for example, i am in the enterprize1.firm1.city.com domain, and my mail is xxx@firm1.city.com, without the enterprize.

              How can i setup the Oracle Mail service? What doamin i should set in the property of Mail Domain - firm1.city.com or enterprize1.firm1.city.com?