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    Query-Find in Oracle forms


      Hi All,

      Thanks for replies

      I am devloping a form oracle 10g.

      I need to develop a query-find for 2 block can any one let me the know way to do it.

      I developed 2 query-finds for 2 seperate blocks.for first block I am getting as required but when querying 2 block I am getting all the records.

      Eg:I have 2 blocks headers and customers having master and detail relations ship

      header block query-find 3 field those are working fine

      I added customer block to the same canvas of first query-find and window I changed only the block

      customer block query find have 1 field which is not working.



      Please help me I need to submit it by the end of day

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          I'm getting curious.

          WTF is a query-find?

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            Query Find in Oracle E- business Suite Forms

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              ok, I didn't even knew there were other oracle forms different from "regular" oracle forms.

              Are you sure there is not an specific forum for e-business where someone could help you?

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                Thanks for your reply..

                When I posted like this query in E Business Suite,some people are says like "This is forms issue.So try to post in oralce forms"

                So Kindly let me know where to post my queries regarding Oracle forms in E Business suite

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                  Don't take me wrong, I'm not one to tell you where you should post.

                  What I was wondering is if this forms you are talking about are or not the forms built with the "oracle forms builder" (you know, fmb files and all that stuff), which are the forms mostly supported in this forum.

                  I supose they are not, as I've spent years working with forms builder and never heard of an object type or property called query-find.

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                    Ok No problem..

                    I am developing a master detail custom form using oralce 10g.

                    While running my form getting these errors in the detail block frm-40212 Invalid value for the field(I have checked all the properties seems to be ok)


                    frm-41050 You can not update this record(I intentionally kept the block property can not update but it should not shown the error.)

                    Do you have any idea about these error.If so please help me to resolve these two issues.

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                      Hi Jenney,


                      Check for the following in the property pallete,

                      1. Check for the Datatype for all of your columns (fields)

                      2. Check the Precision of the field.

                      3. Also ensure format mask (if you have any).

                      4. If you have any LOV (LIST OF VALUES) ensure that the fields do not have "Validate from list" property set to yes.


                      For frm-41050 you can use no acknowledge option in oracle forms (google it).




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                        Hi Soofi,

                        Thanks for your reply.

                        I have checked all the four of your points.

                        But still I am getting the error  frm-40212 Invalid value for the field.

                        Actually the value should validate from the list so I choose Validate from list to Yes in the property Pallete.

                        The values are saving fine but when I am finding the query it shows me the error.


                        If you have any idea regarding this please let me know.


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                          Your best source of information for adding EBS features to a custom form is the EBS Documentation.  To add a View Find (also known as the Query-Find) I recommend you look at this document: Oracle E-Business Suite Developer's Guide, Release 12.1...Enabling Query Behavior.  This article is for R12.1 (as you can see) but the method should be the same for R11/12.  Here is the link for all Oracle Applications Documentation.  You can either download the full documentation (not recommended) or just select your version, click the documentation tab and scroll to the User Interface, Development, and Personalization section.  The Forms Personalization, Developer's, and User Interface and Standards guides are your best references...



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                            Thanks for your document