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    OPS with EMCC in 3 DC and active/passive configuration?

    Jakub 1


      I've questions about OPS and EMCC integration. We got three physically separated datacenters. We would like to monitor all Oracle hardware infrastructure, OVM  and software in those DC from single management console with integrated OPS and EMCC, and if it's possible we would like to have HA active/passive configuration. As DBA I got some experience with single site EMCC. I read documentation and some whitepapers about Active/Pasive configuration of EMCC. Eg. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/cloud-mgmt/wp-em12cr3-dr-solution-1965514.pdf and about integration OPS with EMCC https://blogs.oracle.com/oem/entry/ops_center_and_enterprise_manager


      My questions is.

      What are your sugestions, experience with deploying OPS with EMCC in three DC with active/pasive configuration?

      Is it better to choose two sites and configure on them OPS with EMCC in active/pasive configuration, and on third site just install agents?

      Or maybe it's possible to install three separated single site OPS with EMCC and somehow integrate them in single management console?


      Or should we use some other approach?
      I would be grateful for any hint.