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    The ol' Spool question that I can't get a straight answer for...


      I posted this same question on another forum and could not get the answer. It was suggested that I would post it here, so here I am...


      I searched in the forums and the web in general, got conflicting (even strange) answers, and was not able to address a (simple?) question: Can a query result be sent to a spool file using SQL Developer? I know that SQL*Plus can, but I want to know about SQL Developer. I'm using Version over Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64 bits (I'm the administrator for the server, rights don't seem to be the issue, but naturally I might be wrong).


      When I try things like:


      Spool [MyDriveLetter]:\MyOutPutFolder]\MyOutputFile.csv


      Spool Off


      or even embedding that in to a file (MyQueryToSpool.SQL) and running it with @MyQueryToSpool.SQL "<F5> or run Script" I receive a message "Cannot Create Spool File" and the results are sent to the screen. In other occasions a file is created; however, just the SQL query is recorded in the file and the output is sent to the screen.


      So what am I doing wrong or missing?