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    Want to Upgrade UPK 3.6.1 to UPK


      Hi, We want to upgrade UPK 3.6.1 to UPK We use a SQL2005 server now. Is-it possible in one step or it need many migration?



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          Afzal Kaifi

          Its a one step to upgrade the server and the database, If you can run the setup program and select the existing virtual directory and database that contains your data. You can also manually update the database by running a script on the database server before you run the installer to upgrade the web server.

          To upgrade the database using the AlterDBObjects.sql script located in \db scripts\MSSQL\Developer\Upgrade in the software installation files, enter the following at the command prompt:

          sqlcmd - The command line application for the Microsoft SQL Server.


          Statement with generic parameters:

          sqlcmd -E -S <servername> -i <scriptfile> –v DBOwner="<VALUE1>" -v DBName="<VALUE2>"