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    Can a Planned Order not be released within the Release Time Fence in ASCP? (With 0 Compression Days)


      Hi all


      For a make item despite having a Planning Time Fence set to 7 Days, and a Release Time Fence of 15 days ASCP created a Planned Order with Order Date 24th April and Due Date 25th April and did not automatically released it. Is this Possible? Shouldn't this Planned Order have already been released. Its Action says: Release instead of None.


      Saturdays and Sundays are Off days in our calendar.


      There are no Compression Days.

      There is also a Demand Time Fence of 0 Days despite our ARELEASE plan has no Forecast input.


      • Can a Planned Order not be released within the RTF when it has no Compression Days? why?


      • Which is the reference Date ( for a make item planned from factory to warehouse inventory in ASCP) with a RTF when deciding whether the Planned Order is automatically released or not ,the Order Date or the Due Date? For interorganization replenishment (Warehouse to Warehouse autorelease) the reference is the Order Date, is it or can it be different?


      Thanks for your support!