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    Siebel Decision Report Viewer: Inconsistent with Web Determinations Window

    Patrick Devine



      We're having an issue where the content in the Siebel decision report viewer differs from the Web Determinations window. (Siebel v / Connector v


      The primary examples are:

      1. Some of the condition rows visible in WD are missing in the viewer.
        • Sometimes this is "see above for proof" rows, but not always.
      2. Text substitution is not working in the viewer (in WD it will say "John Smith"; in Siebel "1-F3D83X").


      We've verified from Integration Engine - Transaction Log that these differences are present in the XML (i.e. so it's not a Siebel rendering issue).


      Are there any known limitations to the consistency of decision reports (WD window vs. Siebel viewer)?



      - Patrick