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    Dataguard Stalling. Need help kickstarting.


      Hi all,

          I have set up Dataguard between 2 servers (primary A and DR A1)


      A   ----- Dataguard ----- A1



      The situation is like this :


      When dataguard is working, When I do a "SQL> Select current_scn from v$database;" on both databases... the scn numbers on A1 will be about 20000 less than A.


      Recently when there was a problem with the network, I noticed that the dataguard has stalled. (A1 is more than 30000 from A).


      * This is how I kickstart the dataguard and update the SCN for A1 so that it is within 20000 of A.

      I transfer the rman backup and controlfile from A to A1 and then restore the backup.


      ** Sometimes the dataguard doesn't start.


      Now my question is, Is there anyway for me to kickstart the dataguard without going through *?

      and what kind of commands can I actually use to reload the archivelog transfer from A to A1?


      Thank you.