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    Error while retrieving result set in JTFGRID.


      Hi ,


      We have developed a custom form where there are various search parameters. Contract Number being one of them. The result set consists of various fields like Contract ID, Contract Number, Contract Number modifier etc.  This result is deriving its data from a custom view based on the contract id of the contract selected and populating in the grid.


      The issue is the result set is coming only for few contracts and for some it is throwing the below error:


      APP-JTF- 210604: Program Error: Please inform your system admin or support representative that:


      jtf_grid.populate package reports error :


      An unexpected error occurred  in jtf_grid.populate


      grid :<customgridname>




      The following information is available



      The error is most likely in the form or the metadata definition . Please check the following alert for the error code.



      The error stack is (first 1000 bytes):

      ORA-01722: invalid number

      ORA-06512: at "APPS.JTF_GRIDDB" , line 837

      ORA-06512: at "APP.JTF_GRIDDB" , line 878




      The datatype of the contract id of all the contracts is same. Not sure what the issue is.

      Please provide your inputs on the above. If this is not the correct forum for this query then please let me know the correct one.



      Thanks a lot,