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    Want to use SQL Developer 4.0.1 ( on 32-bit Win7 OS; but no JDK packaged with 32-bit download?

    Dana N

      For whatever reason, my IT department installed a 32-bit Win7 OS on a 64-bit capable laptop (HP ProBook 6460b).

      I want to download and use SQL Developer 4.0.1, but see there's no 32-bit download of it bundled with an appropriate JDK.


      What are my options here


      1) Can someone provide a download link for the appropriate JDK, and then what do I do with it? Can I place it in the same folder as SQL Developer? I don't have Administrative Rights on my laptop by the way...


      2) Should I ask my IT dept to reimage my machine with 64-bit Win7 rather than the 32-bit Win7?


      Here are the specs of my laptop. Since it seems to be able to address up to 16G of RAM, I suspect 32 bit Win7 was installed because the laptop only has 4G of RAM in it. And with no need to address more than 4G of RAM, perhaps that was the deciding factor to install a 32-bit version on Win7. Frankly, hadn't realized there was anything but a 64-bit version of Win 7:


      What's the least disruptive option / path of least resistance here?