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    Oracle Studio 12.4 Beta release with Code Analyzer and Performance Analyzer


      The Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 Beta is now released and available for download




      This release features:


        New C++ compiler and dbx debugger that support the C++ 2011 language standard

        A completely redesigned Performance Analyzer UI that simplifies identification of key performance issues, plus remote data analysis, cross-architecture support, comparison of results, and improved kernel profiling

        Code Analyzer for improving your application with static source-code checking, run-time memory access checking (including memory leaks), and identification of un-exercised code. Graphical user interface and command-line provide robust interfaces for reviewing results and historical analysis of data

        Compiler and library optimizations for Oracle's SPARC T5, M5, M6, Fujitsu's M10, and Intel's Ivy Bridge servers

        Support for new OpenMP 4.0 standard including Region Cancellation, Thread Affinity, Tasking Extensions and Sequentially Consistent Atomics

        Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that includes C++ 2011 support, improved response time, and a smaller memory footprint to efficiently handle very large source repositories.


      For a complete listing of the new and enhanced features in this release, see the Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 What's New http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37069_01/html/E37071/