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    ::Porting OC from x86/x64 to SPARC:: Restoring an EC with co-located PC and embedded DB from x86/x64 to SPARC platform. Possible ?

    Michele Vecchiato
      • My Scenario:

      I have a Test environment with EM Ops Center 12c R2 ( with co-located PC configuration and embedded DB on the same server (x64 Sun Fire X4200 M2 with 8GB of RAM and Solaris 10 1/13) and another separate remote PC server (SPARC Sun Fire T5220 with 16 GB of RAM and Solaris 10 1/13. Use this server for Jumpstart function for another project). I use this configuration for ONLY HARDWARE MANAGEMENT (NO "OS Provisiong",NO "Virtualization Management" or another Ops Center features).

      This infrastructure monitoring and manage about 50 assets (T-Series, M-Series, ZFSSA 7x000, PDUs, Exadata Stg server, ecc.)


      • Target:

      In a few months I will have at disposition a Oracle SPARC T4-1 server with at least 64 GB of RAM. I want install Solaris 10 1/13 as OS and recreate the same EM Ops Center architecture (EC with co-located PC configuration and embedded DB). I want use this configuration for all Ops Center key features (Server and Hardware Mgmt, OS Mgmt,Virtualization Mgmt, ecc.).


      • Question:

      It's possible backup EC on x86/x64 platform (ecadm backup ...) and restore EC on SPARC platform (ecadm restore ...) for don't configure by zero the new env? (Same config data: OS release + patching and EM OC ver.). On "8 Backup and Recovery" section of OC Manual don't find any information about porting from different hw platform. I search a "porting" key on EM Ops Center community but zero results.


      Thanks a lot for any suggestion.