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    FDMEE Drill feature Against Adjustment Period


      We have 16 periods in Fusion…12 periods plus an Adjustment period for quarter end. So another words, Jul/Aug/Sep is the first quarter (July fiscal year start)…which makes 1 adjustment period in Fusion that gets added to the September period. The 4 quarter end adjustment periods are added to the quarter end month when we load into Planning. Planning will still have only 12 periods. With that said, how will the drill-through to transactional details handle this when a user drills into one of the quarter end adjustment periods?

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          Francisco Amores


          In FDMEE you map the 4 adjustment periods to each quarter end month, so for example period Adj1 > Sep


          - Data for Adj1 will be loaded into Sep

          - Data for Sep will be loaded into Sep


          In HP, when you drill from Sep you will see in FDMEE drill-through landing page all lines that were loaded into Sep. These lines will include data from source periods Adj1 and from Sep. In the FDMEE landing page, there are columns for Period and also you can see the Data Load Rule name.


          Then you can continue with the drill-through to EBS by select the amount you want to drill.


          Hope that helps.