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    Purchasing Personliztion error frm-40105 unable to resolve reference


      Dear All,


      My Requirment is if the user id = xyz and attribute4 = 'NO'. the User xyz can not able to get this po


      I have done the Personalization on the Oracle Receiving form.


      1) Trigger Event :  WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD

      2)  Trigger Objevt : FND

      3)  Condition :  :FND.PO_NUM =

      (select J.SEGMENT1 from po_headers_all J

      Where  J.attribute4 = 'NO') and  FND_PROFILE.VALUE('USER_ID') = xyz

      and In Action I given the Message.


      when I enter the Po number and click on Find button I am getting the message

      frm-40105 unable to resolve reference :FND.PO_NUM


      Thank and Regards,

      Mohd Afsar