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    expand ext3




      we plan to install some oracle single instances database on SLES. Some of these database have medium fast growing schemata.

      We will use visualization on the server hardware and the file spaces will be stored as data files as virtual images.

      So what is if we need to expand the disk space for our data files. On visualization no problem just clicking.

      But what is the oracle recommended way on the VM without using ASM. We need to do this with online databases !


      LVM ?

      ACFS ?

      Or just using Fdisk and resize2fs ? In this case does the Database

      Greeting *t

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          As far as I'm aware, ASM is the only recommended solution for dynamic device and disk space management. Oracle VM Server for x86 is the recommended solution for Oracle product virtualization. I think Oracle added support for VMware ESX or vSphere suite to their support portfolio recently. If you do not want to use ASM then you will have to deal with the OS, in which case LVM is probably the best way to manage your disk space. If you are using virtualization and need to increase any volume size, you would probably rather want to add additional virtual disks to an existing LVM volume instead of resizing the phycial device.