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    GenData not running




      I found the following errors after i tried to run my Documaker session.


      DM13020:  Error in RCBUpdateGlbRecips(): Unable to INIFirstInitValue('RECIP_NAMES',NULL,,).

      DM10700:  Error in BaseInit1(): Unable to RCBUpdateGlbRecips(pRPS).

      DM12007:  Error in RPDoBaseRulesForward(): Unable to execute base rule <JobInit1>().

      DM12003:  Error in RPProcessOneBase(): Unable to RPDoBaseRulesForward(pRPS, RP_PRE_PROC_B).

      DM12001:  Error in RPProcessBases(): Unable to RPProcessOneBase(pRPS). Skipping the rest of the Bases for this batch run. See INI group:<GenDataStopOn> option:BaseErrors.

      DM12127:  Error in RPRun(): Unable to RPProcessBases(pRPS).

      DM16010:  Error in RunGenData(): Unable to RPRun(, <DEFLIB\afgjob.jdt>).


      I have checked all files and folders to check where i made an error, but the files form a working copy is exactly the same. I don't understand.  Any help will do!!


      Thank you,

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          The RECIP_NAMES used to have to be defined manually in the INI file. These days, those settings are automatically inserted from the Application Definition (BDF) file loaded from the library. If you have one that is working and a setup that doesn't, I would speculate that the BDF file was not promoted into the second library. Or the version of the BDF being loaded by effective date (determined from the Rundate for the transaction) does not have any recipient defined within it.