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    connection drop down on SQL window



      My SQL developer version

      Java(TM) Platform 1.7.0_45
      Oracle IDE


      Connection drop down in SQL Work sheet is sorting by connections that are recently connected. I don't want to sort by recent connections. Earlier version sorts by alphabetic order. Is there a setting to avoid sorting by recent connections?


      My concern is ... I have too many connections( eg: 50) , It is difficult for me to look at the whole list of connections. I would appreciate that if we can stop the sorting by recent connection time.

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          Not at this time. It's actually always was supposed to be sorted that way, and was originally, but there was a bug. We just fixed it.


          And to be clear, it's not recently connected - it's ACTIVE connections.


          So if you are in a worksheet, and want to run a report, we assume there's a higher than 50% chance the report you want to run is on that database (or another you're already connected to.)

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            Thanks Jeff for clarification.


            But i like the bug . From worksheet  drop down you can also connect to the data bases that are not ACTIVE.


            Most of the times we need to query the PROD databases to analyze the data for bug fixes and would like to re-run the same set of queries when connect to the non-prod environments to compare the data. Instead of opening a new window .... i change the database connection from the same work sheet drop down. sorting order doesn't matter if i have small set of connections and i can not go back to the older version of SQL developer as it has some other issues.


            But we have 3 silos and each silo has 1-DEV, 2-FunctionalTest, 1-PerformanceTest,4-QA,1-ProdSupport,1-Demo and 1-Production environments and for each environment i need to use different connections for My User(DBA), some other users to run the job, to see the report etc...total like i have more than 50 connections right now,  added to that we are adding 3 more silos, that can bump my connections to another 50. So sorting is a nightmare for me.


            So i just want to know is there a better way or setting to sort the connections?


            I follow certain naming convention for connections for better sorting. eg: DBNAME_username.



            Thanks again. Have a nice day!

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              it should appear in the same order, except the active ones are up top, so if you're connected to 3 instances, you just go past those three and you're back to the list per usual.


              Are you saying you have 50 active connections you have to scroll past to get to connection 51?


              Have you tried typing into the connection name - that dropdown is keyboardable

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                Is that key boardable? I can not type any name. It's just a drop down for me.I am talking about the connection drop down at the upper right corner.  I can not upload a picture from my work machine to show you exactly what i am talking about.

                Are you saying you have 50 active connections you have to scroll past to get to connection 51?


                No. That drop down has all the list of saved connections, correct?  from  all the saved connections it is difficult for me to find the connection i need if they are not sorting in a particular order. That is my concern.


                If it is a key boardable... i would be very happy to use it all the time



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                  It is listed in a sorted order, sorted by active, then by name - as in the tree.


                  If i ask for a new worksheet by using the main toolbar button, that gives me a 'select connection' dialog that is hooked up to keying in the connection name to navigate that drop-down list.


                  I see what you're saying, you want to change the active session on your existing worksheet...yeah, that's a bug. It should be hooked into the kb as well. Will log!

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                    Alwin Dieperink



                    I'm working more or less the same way as Sg049 and have ~300 connections. Like he does, I don't like the ACTIVE sessions listed first. Besides that, the order seems to be defined when the worksheet is created. So when I open another worksheet some time later, I get another list of active connections. The first worksheet has not been updated. Sometimes I create new connections, and they appear at the end of the list. This gives really the idea that the list is random.


                    The name sorting is also not correct. In the connection tree (connexion tab on the left) it is sorted alphabetically, case insensitive. In the connection list for a worksheet, it is listed alphabetically but case sensitive. So I don't have the same order on both lists which is very annoying.


                    An option to be able to define which sorting order we like would be nice.



                    -- Alwin