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    Use of derived table

    Tejas Tamhane

      Hi Folks,


      Could you help me with below scenario?


      I am in a situation where oracle view is not visible to me however I can fire a select query and get the data.


      As it is not visible in BI tool, I have to create a derived table like


      derived table: VW_TEST

      query : select * from vw_test


      I know some of disadvantages of derived tables. One of them is performance issue. If underlying SQL is causing performance issue then its pretty obvious that my derived table gives me the same behavior. Now, I am using just a SELECT * statement.


      Will that affect the performance? If yes, how?


      Thanks in advance.



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          How is that question relevant to sql developer? This is the sql developer forum.


          Any such 'devived table' must be specific to the tool you are using - that is what a VIEW is.


          You have already answered your own question about performance as well as the 'how'.


          Unless you can connect this question to sql developer mark it ANSWERED and repost it in an appropriate forum.