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    Building script is failing for 3.0.5

    Peter Cipov


           Buildfile: C:\oo\kv-3.0.5\build.xml

           BUILD FAILED

           C:\oo\kv-3.0.5\build.xml:552: Cannot find C:\oo\kv-3.0.5\ivy.include.xml imported from C:\oo\kv-3.0.5\build.xml


      Did I miss some crucial to build from sources ? Do I need to setup something ?



      Second thing

      My ultimate goal was to integrate kv lite to my maven project. To be used in tests ... I was not able to create maven build because je.jar dependency

      According to its manifest

      Implementation-Title: Berkeley DB Java Edition

      Implementation-Version: 6.0.8

      Implementation-Vendor: Oracle

      Implementation-URL: http://www.oracle.com/


      It is some patched version or beta ? It is not publicly released on Berkeley db oracle official sites and it is not in your maven repo http://download.oracle.com/maven.

      Where I can find public release ?


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          The version of JE is not in Maven, so you won't be able to get a Maven-based build to download it in this release.  You'll need to use the je.jar that is included in the NoSQL DB release package.



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            Peter Cipov

            OK, it possibility to deploy binary jar to maven. Do you have the information about release of 6.0.8 ?

            But what about that broken ant build file ?




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              I'm sorry but JE 6.0.8 will not be uploaded to Maven right now.  We may do this in the future.  For now, please use the je.jar that is included in the NoSQL DB release.


              Someone else will reply later on your build issue.



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                Linda Lee-Oracle



                As Mark replied earlier, Berkeley DB Java Edition 6.0.8 is used in the R3.0.5 NoSQL release. It's a fully tested, supported version, but it's not publicly available on the BDB JE Maven site, because the BDB JE release schedule doesn't always match the NoSQL releases exactly.


                Let me make sure we understand what you're trying to do.You want to incorporate kvlite into your application build process, because you're using kvlite for testing? As an aside, if you are using kvlite for testing, don't forget that it's just a single shard/single node with default settings that are set pretty low, so it's not a good vehicle for performance. It's fine for functional testing though. Since there's no replication going on, if you use COMMIT_NO_SYNC, your data may not be durable after process shutdown; you would want to use Durability.COMMIT_WRITE_NO_SYNC.


                It is correct to say that you are not looking to build  NoSQL DB from source? We currently have a caveat that in the NoSQL DB Community Edition, the build.xml file is known to not work properly for building from source. We'd like to fix that, but we would need to make modifications to the way we use Apache Ivy in our build process. A higher priority for us right now is that we have not yet provided a Maven POM file, and we've got someone looking into setting that up. However, we were really focusing on making it easy to pull the NoSQL client library and its dependencies. In your case, you're looking to get kvlite rather than the kvclient library, which is a different use case, and it sounds like something we need think about adding.


                So right now, the bottom line is that we've made it hard for you to use Maven, because we haven't supplied a POM, and BDB JE 6.0.8 is not on the public download site. I'm afraid that the only option is to download the whole package right now, and we hope to be able to support this better later on.



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                  Peter Cipov

                  Your current programming model for developers (run store outside of tests ) is not acceptable for me. I want to create something that is similar with Wiremock - create and initialize store at the beginning of tests so it is posssible develop test driven. So embedable kvlight instance is from my current point of view ideal,


                  Building from source is also essential for me. In my company we use heavily opensource and we often patch projects. We do not want to wait for the next release. We have to react and repair as soon as possible.


                  I welcome that you are planning to create maven artifact. It will be be great addition.


                  Thanks for explanation