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    ODBC : linked table in access




      We have an Access application which uses a linked table from an oracle database.


      Under win xp and access 2003 and with a 10g oracle customer driver, it’s OK


      Under win 7 and access 2010 and with a 11g oracle customer driver, there is a mistake. I can open the table but, there is a problem when i try to delete datas.


      If I delete one record with Access, it’s OK.

      If I want to delete an other record, I can’t : « ODBC Delete on a linked table TABLENAME failed ».

      To do it, I must close the table and reopen it.


      Sometimes, after having reopen the table and trying to delete a second record, I have this message : « The Microsoft Office Access database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time ».

      I am alone on this table at this time.


      I can’t delete several records at once too.


      If I try to delete with SQL, in access, it’s the same thing. If I delete one record at once, it’s OK but if I try several ones, I can’t.


      But, if I use SqlPlus instead of Access, everything is OK.


      Has someone met this problem and resolved it ?


        Thanks for your help.