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    Creating Huge staging schema on EBS DB / seperate DB


      Hi DBA Gurus,


      Here i have a question and doubt for creating the huge staging schema on ebs DB.


      One of our cleint is having their existing system on mainframe systems. Now they are planning to migrate their system to oracle apps. So we are predicting the transactions volume & database size. They are doing more than 15Million transaction per day average including invoice, Airway billing, Payments & adjustments. They are using AP & AR module heavily. Now we predicted for database size with some test cases and the database size growth will be 3.5 TB Per year if considering peak transactions. 1.5 Times


      Our client is now asking that will you keep the custom schema on same EBS DB  itself or seperate DB ?


      We approached for placing large staging schemas into separate database server for reasons of management and performance


      What are the approaches for having the huge staging schema on EBS DB/ seperate DB outside the box.


      If anyboby can please guide or help me out for the approaches with all the pros and cons for each approach. It would be more helpful to us.



      Junior DBA