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    Web Analysis Document access problem




      I've created a web analysis document that users can open from Workspace. I'm trying to assing the correct provisioning to the users so that they can open the document, but I'm not able to do it. Users already have access to the folder where the document is (they are able to open other files that are in the same folder). Reporting administrators are able to open the document.How to provision all other basic (not adinistrators) users?


      Basic users have the following roles for reporting, assigned from shared services: analyst, dynamic viewer, explorer, job runner, personal page editor, personal parameter editor, viewer.

      Administrator users have the following roles for reporting: reporting and analysis administrator.


      Basis users are not supposed to be able to delete and move documents.

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          So the administrator can open the document. It is technically ok.

          The users can see the document, but are not able to open it? Then you need to give them access on the report. This is done in WebAnalysis on the properties of the document. I don't know which version you are in, but sometimes it is hard to see where to click in the row, once you have selected the group / user.

          Read access should also protect from moving and deleting reports.



          Philip Hulsebosch

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            The minimum provisioning basic users must have to open the Web Analysis Report seems to be "Content Manager"