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    Installing a zone on solaris 11: failed checkpoint - Service unavaiable


      Hi all,


      I am trying to install a local zone under solaris 11 on sparc (t4-2). The install always fails with this error...


      database/berkeleydb-5                 35/186    1254/34356   11.7/248.2  121k/s              Error occurred during execution of 'generated-transfer-5979-1' checkpoint.

                    Failed Checkpoints:


                    Checkpoint execution error:


                      http protocol error: code: 503 reason: Service Unavailable

                      URL: 'http://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/support/solaris/file/1/a68b517675ffa7a7cb4ebc541c6731e79a051c02'


      In the installation log i display this error:


      2014-04-11 15:10:46,485   InstallationLogger ERROR      Checkpoint execution error:                      

      2014-04-11 15:10:46,535   InstallationLogger ERROR                                                       

      2014-04-11 15:10:46,586   InstallationLogger ERROR              http protocol error: code: 503 reason: Service Unavailable

      2014-04-11 15:10:46,636   InstallationLogger ERROR              URL: 'http://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/support/solaris/file/1/a68b517675ffa7a7cb4ebc541c6731e79a051c02'

      2014-04-11 15:10:46,687   InstallationLogger ERROR                                      


      I am using the solaris online repository under a proxy, and the connection is working (it updates the system and starts to download the packages when installing)


      # pkg publisher

      PUBLISHER                   TYPE     STATUS P LOCATION

      solaris                     origin   online F https://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/support/


      Can you please someone give me a hint?


      Thank you

      Pietro Ebner


      P.S. I will be away from work on sat/sun

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