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    Classic to EPMA conversion issue




         we created an HFM application classic to epma. The conversion went well. Validated the epma application in the following ways


      1. Opened the application, opened data forms, run consolidation etc and all went well

      2. Validated and deployed the application

      3. Created EPMA metadata file using file generator

      4. Created  profile for the epma application using the generated meatada file and .ads file uploaded successfully


      However after metadata is loaded I am having issue: Now the deployment is not happening. HFM version is Hyperion


      After metadata is deployed: validation of epma application is successful with 0 errors and 0 waring.

      However deployment of the application is failing and the primary cause is:


      <Description Src=HFM>Can not load metadata because of integrity constraints</Description> .


      Oracle is mentioning there is a bug in this version and which is fixed in etc.


      Any help is appreciated..