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    Import Libaray errors


      The Problem has been resolved. But I want to know how this issue happens, why and how to resolve it if it happens again. I faced this problem two days back and today suddenly it resolved and all libraries added somothly. 


      I am using Jdeveloper


      I have one application with one Model project and many  ViewController projects. I create one new ViewController project. But, when I tried to import some libraries jdeveloper could not find them.


      What is confusing that theses libraries are working fine with other ViewController project. I double checked Libraries and ClassPath in the Project Proprieties and I loaded all libraries and .jar files used in other working View controller projects.


      here is some of unfounded libraries:


      import oracle.adf.model.BindingContext;

      import oracle.adf.model.binding.DCDataControl;

      import oracle.jbo.ApplicationModule;

      import oracle.jbo.client.Configuration;

      import oracle.jbo.server.ApplicationModuleImpl;

      import oracle.jbo.server.DBTransaction;