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    RMAN Duplicate Database error ORA-00201

    Hasan Al Mamun



      I have been trying to create backup recovery scenario in vmware. I have 2 similar server in Oracle Linux 6.2 (64-bit) where has been installed. In my source server I have orcl database and In destination there is no database. I have taken RMAN backup of database in Source. Then I tried to Clone database in Destination on Backup- based, without connection to target and catalog. Moved Backup to Destination and Issued the command as follows:


      1. Created a pfile.ora with db_name='orcl' only

      2. in SQL Plus command line : Startup nomount pfile='pfile.ora'




      started RMAN as auxiliary


      RMAN auxiliary /


      RMAN> duplicate database to "orcl" backup location '/home/orcale/tmp';


      After some progress ORA-00201 Control file not compatible with Error appears. Tried to resolve whole day but failed. In trying so I have even de-installed and re-installed oracle several times.


      Please help


      Hasan Al Mamun