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    SQL Loader performance difference from clients


      Hi All,


      I'm wondering if anyone could help with an issue we're having.


      Basically we are loading in a comma separated file which is about 200MB into an Oracle database using SQL Loader. The database is on a Linux host and the client is on Windows, all 11g (


      The issue we have is from one client, the load takes 2 hours, 16 minutes, whereas from another it takes just 22 seconds. Unfortunately the one taking the much longer time is where we need to load our file from (for historic technical reasons).


      To clarify, on both clients, the exact same file is used, SQL Loader control file and command line options and they are both going to the exact same database and table. There are no indexes and we're using direct path load (though same performance issue for conventional).


      It's an Oracle Managed Cloud Services environment, and though we've opened an SR with them it's proving challenging. They have confirmed that there is no network differences between the two client servers, though I'm not sure I'm in complete belief.


      I'm wondering if there could be any other difference? Are there any environment variables or global Oracle client configuration settings that could affect SQL Loader so dramatically? Would love to hear from someone who has a bit more experience than myself!