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    Heap dump generated with read-write permissions for Java process owner


      I have a question regarding the permissions set for generated heap dumps.


      I have some Jetty servers running on Linux (Java 6 64 bit / Java 7 64 bit) with the following Java arguments:





      When there is a out-of-memory exception a heap dump is automatically generated by the JVM. But it seems that the heap dump permisions are set to read-write for owner only (600).

      When I create files then they have by default read-write for owner and group/all read access (644).


      $ ls -l

      total 795432

      -rw------- 1 bamboop bamboo 811322265 Apr 14 09:18 java_pid337.hprof

      -rw-r--r-- 1 bamboop bamboo         6 Apr 14 12:57 test


      Here the umask set for the server running the Java processes


      $ umask