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    Vormetric encryption on Oracle 11gr2/12c ASM


      We are exploring the possibility to apply Vormetric encryption on Oracle 11gr2/12c ASM. Our OS is Linux RedHat 6.4 hosted on VMWare.

      Any recommendations/advice on documents about common issues and best practices about applying Vormetric encryption on Oracle database 11gr2/12c with ASM storage would be very much appreciated.


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          Harm Joris ten Napel-Oracle



          you may want to explain how this feature is implemented but I will assume it encrypts the filesystem, while Oracle has it's own Transparent Data Encryption solution if you use a 3th party solution then as far as Oracle is concerned it should be 'transparent' to Oracle meaning usual read / write calls to  the OS should keep working, please check for impacts on I/O since asynch_io may no longer be possible which could affect performance. Oracle TDE supports hardware acceleration on certain CPU types and if the 3th party solution wants a chance to perform in the same ballpark (all else being the same) then check with them if they also support this,




          Harm ten Napel

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            Thans Harm Joris ten Napel! I will research about asynch_io.

            We would implement encryption at the ASM disk level. i.e.

            1. allocate a new DISK

            2. apply vormetric protection to the DISK

            3. add the protected DISK to the DISKGROUP

            4. drop one unprotected DISK and rebalance ASM

            5. repeat 1-4 until all the disks are vormetric protected.

            6. reboot and fail over test.

            According to Vormetric, this is transparent to Oracle. It'll be interesting to see what the common issues are encountered in reality.

            Hai Xia