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    oracle.apps.wf.notification.receive.message event subscription

    Abdul Wahid



      I have created a custom test subscription for the above event.I have simply created a rule function which inserts values in a custom table to show that the event is being fired.

      I tested from workflow responsibility, and yes, event is being captured and values are being inserted in the custom table. Means, from test subscription, its working.


      However, now I am trying to respond an notification from email(actual testing of the event). The notificatoin gets processed, but my function is not being called. In other words, possibly my event subscription is not being fired, seeded one is working though.


      I checked WF_NOTIFICATION_IN table. The email responses are received here and their state also shows from 0 to 2 changing. Also, the DEQ_TIME column also has values.


      So the question is how to know why my subscription is not being fired?



      Abdul Wahid