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    Unable to assign application item values using HREF




      with the href link i am calling application process with request =DOWNLOAD_EXCEL and assigning application item values T_EXCEL_NAME,P180_EVENT_ID.


      here the HREF link which i have written unable to assign the values to applications items T_EXCEL_NAME,P180_EVENT_ID.


      both application item values are passing as null.


      can any one please check below mentioned URL and suggest me what changes needs to be done to assign the values to these items.


      select '<a href="f?p=&APP_ID.:110:'||:APP_SESSION||':DOWNLOAD_EXCEL::&DEBUG.::T_EXCEL_NAME,T_EVENT_ID:test,'|| E.EVENT_ID||' ">'||'<img src="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#ics.jpg" height="22.5" width="30" >'||'</A>' as "execl_file"



      Thanks and regards,