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    Download multiple selected files into one zip file and combine them


      Hi All,


      My requirement is like this :


      There will be a set of ppt uploaded as blob content.


      I see a report with the list of ppts. When i select few ppts using a check box and say download, it should be downloaded as a one zip file and a bat file.


      When I run the batch file, it should combine all the ppts downloaded into one ppt file.



      Eg :


      The list of files look like this


      checkbox1, ppt1,  description1, upload_date

      checkbox2, ppt2,  description2, upload_date

      checkbox3, ppt3,  description3, upload_date

      checkbox4, ppt4,  description4, upload_date



      When i select checkbox1,checkbox3 and click on download,

      It should create a zip file of ppt1 and ppt3 and it should be downloaded with a bat file


      When i unzip the file in my local machine, and run the bat file, ppt1 and ppt2 will be combined as a one file.



      Batch file looks something like this :


      @echo off

      cmd.exe /c "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office12\POWERPNT.exe" /M %userprofile%\desktop\myfolder\ppt1  joiner

      @echo off

      cmd.exe /c "%ProgramFiles%\microsoft office\office14\POWERPNT.exe" /M %userprofile%\desktop\myfolder\ppt1  joiner




      Any idea how this can be achieved ?