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      I get this error message for mye receiving FTP-adapter:

      oracle.oai.agent.common.AgentRuntimeException: Error: the message has more than one attribute (or more than one IN or OUT attribute for invoke or implement messages) in iStudio. Please make sure to import only one DTD for subscribe messages and only one IN and one OUT DTD for invoke and implement messages and do not add other attributes.

      The message is a simple one with a id attribute and a string attribute. The logging shows that the message looks as expected when it comes to the FTP-adapter.

      I seems strange that the error states that a message can ony have one attribute.

      The stacktrace is as follows:

      at oracle.oai.agent.client.XMLFromAOConverter.addObjectAttribute(XMLFromAOConverter.java:220)
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.XMLFromAOConverter.toXML(XMLFromAOConverter.java:146)
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.XMLFromAOConverter.getXMLData(XMLFromAOConverter.java:92)
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.AgentImpl.convertMessageObjectToXML(AgentImpl.java:257)
           at oracle.oai.agent.adapter.technology.TechBridge.messageReceived(TechBridge.java:929)
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.SmartQueueDispatcher.run(SmartQueueDispatcher.java:489)
           at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)

      Thanks for any help
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          I didn't think you could use request/reply (invoke/implemented) messages when using the FTP Adapter. Can you or someone else correct me if I am wrong on this.

          I've only ever used request/reply message paradigms with DB Adapters.

          The simplest way would be to use Publish (APPa) ->Subscribe (APPb), then Publish (APPb) -> Subscribe (APPa).

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            Babu George-Oracle
            Request/Reply is possible with FTP adapter. Please try the following steps to do this.
            Assume that another application (eg:aqapp) is invoking the procedure
            1. Create an application called ftptest
            2. Create an Implemented procedure using the wizard.
            a.) In the "Implement Wizard - Select a Procedure" window, choose message Type=XML and select the event. Click Next button
            b). In the "Implement Wizard - Define Application View" window, import the reply type DTD. (Select Import Type as INOUT)
            c) Complete the remaining steps like mapping IN arguements, OUT arguements etc
            3. Start the adapter and you can see the reply messages from ftp adapter.

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              I donno whether above error is fixed or not.I would like to add some information to this thread.

              Fromt the error mentioned in the post, i understand that this error occured OAI tried to create message by extracting data from xml file in external application.The error is related to add atribute.SO, this means parser encountered problem while adding attribute in the message..please post the input xml file and dtd imported .I will try to fix this issue if this issue is not yet fixed....

              U can also mail me at aruneshwar2001@gmail.com

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                I am new to Oracle JDeveloper. Had read your post on FTP adapter request/reply.I have a few questions:

                This is my situation. I am trying to build a ESB project which gets the file path as input, the control transfers to an inbound FTP adapter with the file path as input. the FTP inbound adapter goes to that particular path and picks up that particular file and returns the contents of the file.

                Can you help me by telling me how to build this? I am totally stuck!