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    data reporter problem


      I am running APEX 4.2.3 on an Oracle 11gR2 database.


      I am trying the APEX data reporter with the sample data. The reports I am using use the "Top Cities" data.


      1. I create a report that displays all the data. (Detail)
      2. I then create a report that displays the continent and the number of cities in that continent. (Master)
      3. I create a report link from the second report to the first report using continent as the linking column.
      4. It runs fine until I logout and log back in.
      5. I then open the Master report and click on the continent I wish to see and I am prompted to login before the detail report will display.




      William Chadbourne

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          I stand corrected. If the links are defined upon report creation then it operates just fine. However, if I create a new link within said report then item 5 occurs.

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            Well what is the difference in how the working link is defined by the column settings compared to the link settings of the non working link?

            Only the settings in the subgroup Link are of importance.


            Sounds like the session id of the non working link is hard coded instead of using the substitution string APP_SESSION or SESSION.


            Read the chapter Application Builder Concepts for more information on session management, the url syntax and substitution strings.



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              Thanks for the suggested reading, but the Data Reporter app is locked and has to remain so in order not to effect future upgrades. So, I believe this means that I cannot make any changes to it even if I wanted to. It already uses APP_SESSION so I do not believe it is hard-coded.