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    Load Script to append a missing member to the Hierarchy in the target application


      I am on FDMEE


      I am loading data from Oracle E-Business Suite 12 to an Essbase ASO cube via FDMEE.  One of my dimension members is the concatenation of 5 different fields from EBS.  This creates an enormous number of potential dimension members.  (the overall string is about 30 characters).  These dimensions are entity, account, and three custom dimensions.   Because of this it is very common to have, daily, kick outs in FDMEE.  We are trying to automate these loads so they happen overnight and the issue we're running into is that virtually every night a new one of these five field combinations appears in EBS.


      What I'm looking to do is create some kind of load rule/script so that when FDMEE tries to load data to an dimension member that doesn't exist that member is automatically created and appends itself under a specified parent in the ASO cube.


      Does anybody have any suggestions on where I should start?



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          Francisco Amores

          The best way is to start thinking about your macro process. You should go from low level of detail to high level of detail.


          1. Run the Data Load Rule

          2. Check members not existing in Essbase ASO Cube

          3. Create members not existing in Essbase ASO Cube

          4. Load Data


          Then you can start thinking in each step...


          - How can I check?

          - How can I create members?

          - When/Where should I check/create members?


          Have you thought in creating a metadata rule to load dimension members before data is loaded?

          Maybe you would to have a look to Essbase Java API to see how you can check if members exist and create them. You can use Java classes from Jython Scripts.


          When/Where? it is obvious that you would like to do it before data is loaded (Event Script)

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