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    Application item session state value problem


      Hi ,

      I have created three application items (F104_CURR_PAGE, F104_PREV_PAGE, F104_PREV_PREV_PAGE) to hold the value of current page, previous page, previous to previous pages. I want to use these items for conditional display or conditional processing. Created the application process - on load before header(page template header) as below

      IF :F104_CURR_PAGE <> :APP_PAGE_ID  
      END IF;    

      this  process is working in most of the pages but i found problem in one page (page number - 6020) in our application where its setting F104_CURR_PAGE value to 0 (Zero). not sure from where it is setting this value. I enabled the debug and checked the processes and session state of these items, here also its showing proper values as below

      ...Process "Previous page application item set" - Type: PLSQL
      ...Execute Statement: begin IF :F104_CURR_PAGE <> :APP_PAGE_ID THEN :F104_PREV_PREV_PAGE:=:F104_PREV_PAGE; :F104_PREV_PAGE:=:F104_CURR_PAGE; END IF; :F104_CURR_PAGE:=:APP_PAGE_ID; end;
      ...Session State: Saved Item "F104_CURR_PAGE" New Value="6020"
      ...Session State: Saved Item "F104_PREV_PREV_PAGE" New Value="33"
      ...Session State: Saved Item "F104_PREV_PAGE" New Value="6000"

      In debug after this, no process present to changes these application item values.

      but in session i could see values like below which are wrong



      i navigated from page 33 --> 6000 --> 6020. So my expected result would be F104_CURR_PAGE = 6020,F104_PREV_PAGE = 6000, F104_PREV_PREV_PAGE = 33 which are proper in debug log. i am not sure where it is setting F104_CURR_PAGE = 0 in session state. I checked all the application processes and all the code in 6020 page whether we are changing these items but its not present.

      Please advise me how can i debug further. thank you in advance for the help.