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    values in drop-down


      Hello all, 


      There are two drop-down boxes. In first drop-down, there are 10 values and in 2nd drop-down, there are 4 values.

      When I select one value from first drop-down, based on the selection, in 2nd drop-down, only 3 values should be visible out of 4.

      Please let me know whether is it possible in JSP and how should we achive this.


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          It has nothing at all to do with JSPs, JSPs are way too low level for you to want it to solve your requirements. If you want the view to change after it is rendered, you'll have to use client-side logic (javascript) to make it happen in some way or another.


          This is why people use modern day web frameworks, they tend to have common solutions to common requirements such as this. But when you choose to use no framework at all, you'll have to roll the solution yourself. Possibly a JQuery component can help you do it a little faster.