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    Segmentation fault when creating a new database.

      Hi I have just installed Oracle 9i on a Red Hat Linux Server running Red Hat enterpise 4. I installed all the prerequisites and set up the shared memory etc as of this installation guide:

      I have just run "dbca" to create a database and after entering all the criteria, setting up all the table spaces I then hit finish and click ok on the summary page. I then get the segmentation error as detailed below:
      [$] /oracle9/app/oracle/bin/dbca: line 124: 15524 Segmentation fault $JRE_DIR/bin/jre -DORACLE_HOME=$OH -DJDBC_PROTOCOL=thin -mx64m -classpath $CLASSPATH oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.Dbca $ARGUMENTS

      I thought it could be the $JRE_DIR is set wrong but doing an echo on this it returns:
      [$] echo $JRE_DIR
      Which is correct.

      I dont know what to do now!

      Any help would be great. Cheers.