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    Apex Line Chart Multiple Series


      I am using apex 4.2.3, and am having trouble displaying multiple y-axes correctly.



      I have "x"-number of Nodes to plot (between 1 and 16), of which I plot the "Volume" and "% of Total" per 15 minute interval.  In order to retrieve the "x"-number of nodes, I have created a DB Function which builds my PIVOT SQL query dynamically (depending on the input value from the user).

      I add the "Volume" to "series 1" and "% of Total" to "series 2" since the series scaling differs.  E.g. "Volume" could be between 0 and 6000 and "% of Total" could be anything between 0 and 100. I have updated the Chart to display 2 Y-Axes.


      My Question is:

      I have picked up that the displaying of the second series (in this case, "% of Total")  is not always plotting the series together on the graph with the scale 0 - 100, but adds it to the scale 0 - 6000.  Is this a "known error" with AntCharts?

      I have used the custom XML-chart option as well, but since I have so many lines to plot, the #DATA# field is sometimes too small to return all data. I have even tried to concatenate 2 #DATA# fields, but Apex didn't recognize this.


      Please assist.