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    Error on Accessing Scroll Level 0 Fields


      Hi All,

               I am redirecting from Page to Iscript using GenerateScriptContentURL() function. But when I try to save Scroll Level 0 fields in variable using this syntax Local number &test= GetRecord().GetField(Field.FieldName).Value; and append as QueryString to my URL then it give me this error on button click


      Field does not exist -- DERIVED_LAM.CLASS_NBR. (180,104) DERIVED_LAM.BUTTON1.FieldChange  PCPC:76  Statement:1


      A reference to a record.field name was made and the record.field name was not found to exist.  Verify that the field exists on the page in which the PeopleCode program is being executed.


      Review the program for errors.  If necessary, run a PeopleCode trace to determine the program that failed.


      Can anybody tell me what's i am doing wrong.How can i get resolve this error.