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    Changing wording in the My Knowledge centre homepage




      Is there a way to change the wording on the main My knowledge centre homepage? or even the wording when an unregistered UPK user tries to access the KC, it prompts them with a message stating contact your administrator. Is there a way to add the administrators contact details?

      example: the existing wording says:


      Welcome xxxx                                                    

      Welcome to Knowledge Center!  Click the Knowledge Paths link to explore your subjects and assessments and expand your knowledge.                                                    



      Your subject currently in progress is:                                                          xxxx                                                      

      Click the link shown above to continue the subject you were working on during your last session.                                                        


      The last five subjects you accessed are listed below.  Click the link to launch the subject, or click Knowledge Paths to select a different subject.


      Usage Summary                                                    

      This report allows you to view your progress.

      View your usage summary now.