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    Drop down in PDF


      Is there any option to add the Drop down list in documaker and make it as user to select the values from the drop down once the pdf gets generated?

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          If you are asking if Documaker can create a PDF that would have a field inside the generated PDF with a drop-down box associated, the answer is no. This would require a "fillable" PDF, which then brings up a number of other questions.

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            Yes true! Am working for the fillable PDF also. But even when it is a fillable pdf, the drop down list has to be coded somewhere so as the end user can select one of the options in the drop-down box. Kindly suggest me if we have the options to it. Do we need a idocumaker to perform the same or is that enough with Doc 12.3 version.


            If yes, Please let me know how should i proceed further.

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              I would suggest contacting Oracle Support.

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                You will probably be reading the other chain, but my opinion is that you have a prototype feature and not something fully committed. I doubt it does much more than what you have discovered. There are a host of questions to be answered in my mind before you could say there is fillable PDF support, which probably explains why no one knows what you know.