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    Audit  enqueue dequeue


      I am using Oracle I have point to point persistent queue implemented through PL/SQL  API.  I have set retention of the queue for 12 months. However,  none of the queue tables/view has information on which server dequeued the message. How can I audit such information?


      Also, I had tried  following audit but  I do not see anything in dba_audit_object when i dequeue a message. Am I doing anything wrong?

      audit DEQUEUE ANY QUEUE by access;

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          Looks like same query is reported in other open thread.


          Messages are exchanged between a client and the Oracle Database server or between two Oracle Database servers using Oracle Net Services. Oracle Net Services also propagates messages from one Oracle Database queue to another.

          You may need to check what all subscribers added to it.

            select subscriber_id, queue_name, name, address, subscriber_type from aq$_<queue_table_name>_s;