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    Why can't I download using my IP


      Did I get banned? Works with other IPs!!!


      I asked this in Downloads  - got no answer and now I see post has gone


      Access Denied

      You don't have permission to access "http://edelivery.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/7u55-b13/jdk-7u55-linux-i586.tar.gz" on this server.

      Reference #18.d36d19b8.1397684011.205bed85

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          Well, you don't look banned, as you managed to post here.


          The Terms and Conditions you agree to when downloading should include details of which countries may or may not use the various software (for political/economic reasons, it seems some countries are not permitted... don't ask me why, I don't really know).  Is your country one of those listed as not being permitted to use it?


          Perhaps if you also indicated the route you took to get to the download, as well as telling us what country you're from, then someone may be able to look into it further.


          Aside from that, the moderators and members here aren't going to be able to investigate because we don't know who you are, and don't have access to your details such as IP address etc.

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            Ok so how do I get help with it? I;'m not going to put my IP into a public forum.

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              Isn't this exactly the same issue as Can't get any reply in DOWNLOADS -posts being deleted?


              Why do you think anybody here could possibly help you with your TCP/IP address problem?


              If you check https://edelivery.oracle.com/EPD/FAQ/get_form?ARU_LANG=US#a2


              Users may experience temporary delays when accessing the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud due to the Export Validation process. Export Validation occurs regularly, however, if the delay presents a significant issue for your operations, please contact the Software Delivery Customer Service to request an expedite of the screening process.


              So perhaps to contact the e-delivery customer service would be your best option.

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                Check the date, guru - posted a month ago. Don't like your attitude.

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                  The initial dates of your posts are different, but both posts are now appearing on top of this forum and apparently deal with the same issue. From what I understand, running multiple posts for the same issue to raise attention or urging for a solution is considered forum abuse. After all, this is a user forum and not Oracle Support. Sorry for your annoying issue, but obviously no one has been able to help you so far and it probably does not make sense to keep pushing; and waste people's time here for a problem they cannot solve - as you concluded already and it was mentioned several times, only Oracle can help.


                  Anyway, I don't really have an attitude and think persistence is sometimes useful, but I start to find the whole issue beginning to look pathetic. Why don't you simply use your other working account or contact the Delivery Customer Service to deal with the problem, which e-mail I posted in my previous reply?

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                    Yeah, I couldn't find the original post, thought it might have got deleted, then saw a reply after I started the other post and thought I'd better reply to the original for the sake of courtesy rather than 'abuse' as you put it.

                    The attitude is expressed in 'Why do you think anybody here could possibly help you with your TCP/IP address problem?"?

                    You don't see that as aggressive.  I do. You are not understanding the issue so no point in replying to it esp a you point out you're not an Oracle person who can actually potentially assist.


                    Trust me after working with Oracle for 20+ years including FOR Oracle on many occasions, I know how to download software, open a CSI, etc etc. Consider these facts and then forget all about it.


                    I can download SQL Developer and anything else from any IP on any machine I have access to except for one, the main Comcast IP I have on my network. I do not want to change it for many reasons  -in some firewall rules etc etc  - goes on. And the only problem I have is with Oracle.


                    I can use any platform, any browser - doesn't matter - works with all IPs I have access to except one.


                    Why did I think anyone here could help esp when I knew there'd be fair chance of people not understanding the issue? Because I thought someone/group who is responsible for the downloads pages might be able to make a suggestion. For example they may be using an extra spamhaus.org type service or maybe someone blacklisted me maliciously in some internal db.


                    And really, if you think it appears pathetic, I could care less Dude.. don't want to use a CSI on this

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                      Whatever, thanks for replying  - no time for this

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                        You have apparently already tried different browsers, etc. and know for sure that the culprit is your IP address or Oracle blocking the site. Well, I just don't see how someone here at OTN can help you with this. And I would not see much of chance that someone from Oracle will stop by and be willing to pick up your problem from OTN. Some of the information may even be confidential. Have you tried the e-delivery customer support?