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    Why is the OCR&Vote disk group servicing SCAN name


      Hi All,


      I have installed 11g R2 Grid Infrastructure followed by database software only installation. I have not created any database yet.

      When I open asmca->diskgroup, I can see the diskgroup which I have created during grid installation. When I select that diskgroup->View Serviced Databases, what is the expected result? I am assuming it to be empty. But, in my case, I am seeing my Cluster name( SCAN name) as database name and used space is .26GB. Can somebody clarify on this. Thanks in advance.

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          you have done a complete grid installation (software + configuration) prior to software only intallation of the db. During this process you create the asm instance and at least one single diskgroup, that holds the OCR and voting disks of the cluster. That is the diskgroup you see and it looks like you have named it after your cluster.